Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Elves & Shoemaker !

They took all the Kindergarteners in Saanvi's school to a play.

Saanvi enjoyed the experience of going to the theatre with the class and watching the play.

The play was 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.

After watching the play, Saanvi put it as a story book..

Here it is..

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tooth Fairy Visited !

Saanvi sounded excited and had a wrapped tissue paper in hand. As I entered house, she announced gleefully that her baby tooth fell off ! It was a cute tiny white tooth which looked just like a Pomegranate seed.

Saanvi was getting ready to go to bed and didn't want to loose the tooth. So she put it in a zip lock cover and put it under her pillow. She was super excited that the 'Tooth Fairy' would come & take away the fallen tooth. She was expecting to wake up to see her tooth taken away by the fairy and find some thing from fairy !

When she woke up, she found this letter under her bed

Looks like Tooth Fairy did come but couldn't take teeth out of zip lock cover. Tooth fairy also said it will come today night.

But where is the zip lock bag with the teeth ?
Its gone and there are some coins on other end of pillow.

So where did the zip lock bag go and what is about the letter ?

Saanvi had so many questions..

She decided to write a letter to Tooth Fairy so that when the fairy comes tonight, she can read & understand that tootth is not there. Also quick indicator to the fairy that Saanvi's tooth looks like a pomegranate seed.

But there are some coins under the pillow & tooth gone. Saanvi wondered may be the fairy took it ?

But what if the fairy has not taken the tooth & she comes looking for one.  Doesn't she feel bad ?

Saanvi had solution for that situation..

Win-Win for everyone !

Letters are under pillow and waiting tonight for 'Tooth Fairy'.

Lets see how it goes !!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 years planning !

Its that time of year where Halloween is around & all the costumes are coming out for the Halloween celebration..

Its just feel like few days ago when we selected the the costumes for Saanvi.

This year though the costume idea came from herself 

Not only that there is a plan for next 5 Halloweens !

Thursday, August 6, 2015

High Five !

When Saanvi was born we called her our bundle of joy..

Ever since then we have been unveiling the constant joy she is bringing every day..

With her every single step, we have enjoyed the parenthood

In this journey, we have learnt about her and about ourselves

Some times she becomes our parent and we relive our childhood

The world has changed for better

Can't believe its been 5 years since she came into our lives & changed it forever..

Saanvi is turning 5 ...

Happy Birthday !

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Whale Watching !

Ocean & sea creatures has been Saanvi's source of fascination for a long time now..

Her knowledge of Ocean started from a cartoon show - Octonauts. This is a show about the sea animals & their adventures. Then we got her a picture book of sea mammals with description which became one of her favorite books.

There are Whale watch trips that offers opportunity to go to the natural habitat of Whales and watch them closely.

Being a ocean enthusiast, Saanvi loved this idea of going for whale watching.

She was very eager to see the whales and of course carried her favorite sea-mammal book to compare the whales that she would see. After traveling into the ocean for 8-10 miles, we started seeing the whales & sprouting.

Here is the artistic rendition of the whale watching by Saanvi.

That is Saanvi & family on the ship 'See Fox' looking at the whales that are sprouting.

Here is video of whale watching with commentary from Saanvi
Whale Watching Video

Hope you enjoyed the Whale Watching !

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Moon Landing

Like all kids, Saanvi loves bed time stories..

Animals-birds stories, fairy tales, fables...every night the stories flowed.

Very soon we ran out of the stories we knew !

One night, unable to recollect any known story, I thought I will tell something which was different.

That was the story of landing of first man on Moon !

I was unsure if Saanvi would like this story but anyways narrated it..

To my surprise, Saanvi loved that story and it became a bed time routine to end with Moon landing story..

Recently when she started putting her ideas & imaginations to drawings, that moon landing story transformed into a drawing..

Not only that.. she has updated the story based on her own imagination & its her story now

Here is the moon landing story in her own words..

Story of Moon Landing by Saanvi

Click the link to listen to the audio of Moon landing story narrated  by Saanvi

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time Machine !

Today we were watching Jurassic Park. We were talking about Dinosaurs which happen to be one of Saanvi's favorite subject.

She wanted to see Dinosaurs and suddenly came up with the idea that we can go to see Dinosaurs if we have a time machine !

After few minutes, she declared that she will be creating a time machine and ran to grab a paper & pencil.

While the movie was going on, she wrote this Time machine...

As per her own description, the time machine has the following parts

Conveyer Belt :
We can stand on this and it will take you into the time machine. The conveyer belt takes us out of time machine and we are in different place and year looking at dinosaurs.

Beeper : 
This has red alarm light and beeps when there are dinosaurs come near time machine.

Chemical :
This is used to spray when dinosaurs are very close.

Placer :
This will place us where want to go in the time machine.

Stayer :
This will makes us stay in the time machine.

Teller :
This will tell where we are.

Wire :
Lots of wires inside the time machine to make it run.

Battery :
Time machine runs on battery and it shows how much is remaining.

Button :
Buttons to press when inside time machine.

Wimer :
Doesn't do anything..its a wimer..just there in Time machine

Color Scheme ->  Time machine has to be white in color with black conveyer belt

Can't wait for the time machine travel !!
Are you coming ?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Garden

Saanvi's pictorial & poetic rendition of the garden


I plant the seeds deep in the hole
It sprouts slowly into beautiful daffodil

My dad sees how hard I was working
He gives me a warm glass of milk

My mom sees daffodils, buttercups & lotus
My dad picks the fruits with me
My mom helps making fruit salad

I took a big byte of delicious fruit
I said "Hmnn..its good" to myself

I love my fruits as long as I made it !

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good night time !

A new poem by Saanvi !

This time the little poet talks about bed time..
Poem is accompanied by a drawing as well


The Sun is setting deep into the Ocean
And I feel to catch the Sun.

The Sky turns black like it was deep caves
And I want to go to bed.

But its still a dark cave
So I want to stay.

Mom is calling for nice warm hug
Dad snuggles me into my bed
Telling me goodnight.


Monday, February 9, 2015

A letter to papa..

Here is a letter Saanvi wrote for Papa..
Each word is again by Saanvi

I love Papa
Because he throws me up in the air

I love him so much that

I miss him when he goes to office
I wait until he picks me up from school

I love Papa

I like to sit on Papa's shoulder

Then hug his neck and
Mess up his hair

I love Papa




Feeling happy & blessed

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The First Poem !

It is said inspiration can strike anybody anytime..

But we were really not expecting that inspiration to strike this early !

We are talking about Saanvi's inspiration. Today she wrote a picture depicting sun set. I asked to describe the same sunset in words.

Saanvi started off saying she is now telling a poem.. This is what I wrote as she recited the poem.

The Sun is setting
Over the Mountains
And over the Sea

The Moon is rising
The Stars are waking up
And it become night time

The birds go to nest
And cuddle their eggs
The caterpillar run into cocoon
The bears go into snuggly holes

I feel like glumpy
My heart rises to the Sun
My legs jump up & down
My hands are high in the sky

That is all I hide in my heart

Every single word was from her and all I have to do was write it down as it came out of Saanvi's mouth. I needed to write as she still doesn't know to write complete words and sentences.

We were certainly not expecting this..Need less to say we are pleasantly surprised !

Saanvi calls herself as 'Poet Junior' !

She even thought of a name of this poem - 'Sun is Setting'

For us, Sun definitely seems to be raising now !!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snow Angel

Layers of Frozen sheets
Skated on the river
Humongous white blanket
Wrapped the mountains

Snow on rocks
Snow on roads
Snow all around
The surreal snow

It looked like somebody
Poured frosty sugar everywhere
It looked like somebody
Dipped everything in ice-cream

Do you hear it
Tiny snow wings
Spreading on the snow
Flapping & turning

Its the sunny smiles
Its the melting giggles
Its the snow
Flying everywhere

Its the snow angel...