Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time Machine !

Today we were watching Jurassic Park. We were talking about Dinosaurs which happen to be one of Saanvi's favorite subject.

She wanted to see Dinosaurs and suddenly came up with the idea that we can go to see Dinosaurs if we have a time machine !

After few minutes, she declared that she will be creating a time machine and ran to grab a paper & pencil.

While the movie was going on, she wrote this Time machine...

As per her own description, the time machine has the following parts

Conveyer Belt :
We can stand on this and it will take you into the time machine. The conveyer belt takes us out of time machine and we are in different place and year looking at dinosaurs.

Beeper : 
This has red alarm light and beeps when there are dinosaurs come near time machine.

Chemical :
This is used to spray when dinosaurs are very close.

Placer :
This will place us where want to go in the time machine.

Stayer :
This will makes us stay in the time machine.

Teller :
This will tell where we are.

Wire :
Lots of wires inside the time machine to make it run.

Battery :
Time machine runs on battery and it shows how much is remaining.

Button :
Buttons to press when inside time machine.

Wimer :
Doesn't do anything..its a wimer..just there in Time machine

Color Scheme ->  Time machine has to be white in color with black conveyer belt

Can't wait for the time machine travel !!
Are you coming ?


  1. I am certainly coming. Saanvi's imagination is fantastic!

  2. Saanvi .. you can experiment on me also.. will to go together to see Dinosaurs :)

  3. Sunaath ajja,
    I have a seat reserved for you in the time machine :)

  4. Darshan Uncle,
    Can't wait to go to see dinosaurs..