Saturday, June 6, 2015

Whale Watching !

Ocean & sea creatures has been Saanvi's source of fascination for a long time now..

Her knowledge of Ocean started from a cartoon show - Octonauts. This is a show about the sea animals & their adventures. Then we got her a picture book of sea mammals with description which became one of her favorite books.

There are Whale watch trips that offers opportunity to go to the natural habitat of Whales and watch them closely.

Being a ocean enthusiast, Saanvi loved this idea of going for whale watching.

She was very eager to see the whales and of course carried her favorite sea-mammal book to compare the whales that she would see. After traveling into the ocean for 8-10 miles, we started seeing the whales & sprouting.

Here is the artistic rendition of the whale watching by Saanvi.

That is Saanvi & family on the ship 'See Fox' looking at the whales that are sprouting.

Here is video of whale watching with commentary from Saanvi
Whale Watching Video

Hope you enjoyed the Whale Watching !


  1. I liked the picture drawn by Saanvi. Then I watched the video. Saanvi is a perfect guide! Her voice is clear and melodious. Now that I have seen the video I can say that I have also seen the whale! My compliments to the young marine biologist!

  2. Ajja,
    Let me know when you are coming here. I will take you for the Whale watching :)