Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Bunny's day !

Below is what an Easter Bunny's day look like

I liked to be hugged or cuddled and then start my work hiding easter eggs with lots of surprises !

Nip nip nip...the day is done.

It is time to have some fun after an easter party with my friends.

I figure out the day has come to a end.

I go see my little buddy,  Chick.

Snuggle in my little straw bed surrounded by easter eggs and very kind friends.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Sky Wars !

Sky Wars:
The night battles the days
The day to the afternoon
Then the winner is night
A whole day is wars for the sky
Sun and moon are the leaders
They battle for the sky
Two teams they have
Emperors are the Sun team
Kings are the Moon team
Emperors bring fun
Kings bring sleep

About the Author:
I am inspired by books.
The sky is fascinating.
I like to think about the stars, moons, sun and the star wards.
I put them together to make 'Sky Wars'.

PS: 'About the Author' is self described , all inspired by many books the 'author' has been reading !

Friday, March 25, 2016

Flying Shoes

The latest innovation from Saanvi's lab is the 'Flying shoes'.
You wear the shoes and it takes you flying !! 
No need of any vehicles any more ...

Here is the inventor's reason 

The design of flying shoes is illustrated below

Following are the parts of the flying shoes
  • Hiline
  • Soft magic jelly
  • Battery electricity
  • Sock hangout

How much fun the ride will be with these flying shoes !

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Force Awakens

Star Wars was the 'force' of the month..

Saanvi was totally engrossed into Star Wars.

We even got a light saber for her..

With light saber in hand, along with family & friends she went to see the latest Star Wars movie in theater.

It was so much fun for her to watch the movie..

Here are some of her drawings from Star Wars..

Here is the 'Dark Side'

Here are her favorite droids/robots from Star Wars

Here is the bad guy from Star Wars

She was little confused about Darth Vader being so young in the new movie :)

Anyways...had a good time
Looks like the force is strong with her !