Friday, November 13, 2015

Tooth Fairy Visited !

Saanvi sounded excited and had a wrapped tissue paper in hand. As I entered house, she announced gleefully that her baby tooth fell off ! It was a cute tiny white tooth which looked just like a Pomegranate seed.

Saanvi was getting ready to go to bed and didn't want to loose the tooth. So she put it in a zip lock cover and put it under her pillow. She was super excited that the 'Tooth Fairy' would come & take away the fallen tooth. She was expecting to wake up to see her tooth taken away by the fairy and find some thing from fairy !

When she woke up, she found this letter under her bed

Looks like Tooth Fairy did come but couldn't take teeth out of zip lock cover. Tooth fairy also said it will come today night.

But where is the zip lock bag with the teeth ?
Its gone and there are some coins on other end of pillow.

So where did the zip lock bag go and what is about the letter ?

Saanvi had so many questions..

She decided to write a letter to Tooth Fairy so that when the fairy comes tonight, she can read & understand that tootth is not there. Also quick indicator to the fairy that Saanvi's tooth looks like a pomegranate seed.

But there are some coins under the pillow & tooth gone. Saanvi wondered may be the fairy took it ?

But what if the fairy has not taken the tooth & she comes looking for one.  Doesn't she feel bad ?

Saanvi had solution for that situation..

Win-Win for everyone !

Letters are under pillow and waiting tonight for 'Tooth Fairy'.

Lets see how it goes !!


  1. Hey, may the fairy find Sanvi's tooth and give her a surprise gift soon!