Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Garden

Saanvi's pictorial & poetic rendition of the garden


I plant the seeds deep in the hole
It sprouts slowly into beautiful daffodil

My dad sees how hard I was working
He gives me a warm glass of milk

My mom sees daffodils, buttercups & lotus
My dad picks the fruits with me
My mom helps making fruit salad

I took a big byte of delicious fruit
I said "Hmnn..its good" to myself

I love my fruits as long as I made it !

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good night time !

A new poem by Saanvi !

This time the little poet talks about bed time..
Poem is accompanied by a drawing as well


The Sun is setting deep into the Ocean
And I feel to catch the Sun.

The Sky turns black like it was deep caves
And I want to go to bed.

But its still a dark cave
So I want to stay.

Mom is calling for nice warm hug
Dad snuggles me into my bed
Telling me goodnight.