Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Movie time

Earliest memories of movie theater is the dark room where a huge screen on the wall mysteriously comes to life.

Loud sounds, rows & rows of chairs, squeezing in these chairs were all part of that movie memories.
Not to forget the sometimes annoying people in the theater and sometimes we annoying people in the theater.

We were sitting in our car with Saanvi & looking at the huge screen in front of us...

Movie was yet to start & all these movie theater memories rolled by as if they were some side reals.

It was an drive-in theater and Saanvi's first movie experience !

We were not sure if Saanvi would like being confined in a dark room for an hour or more. Add to that the needs of running around and stretching.

Drive-in theater was made for these situations !

Saanvi was super excited about this idea of movie going. After driving to the venue, it was time to park our car in a spot where the giant white screen was convenient to watch. Rows & rows of other cars were already parked.

Still there was time for movie to start and Saanvi used the time to run around and play with other kids.

We all sat under the hood of our SUV with legs stretched.

It was clear sky above...

The giant white screen came to life. Audio for the movie was anyways tuned to be coming from Car's Stereo.

Movie was about the fire-fighting aeroplane. It was nice to see an occasional aeroplane flying above us when we are watching a plane movie !

Saanvi watched movie most of the time. Watched it sitting, watched it sleeping & watched it standing. Enjoyed the pop-corn, rolls & juice during the movie. Also ran around a bit checking what other kids are doing !

It was a good movie experience..