Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Gal's Closet

Does Saanvi know where her dresses are kept ? Can she identify her dresses?

For past few days, we have been getting these doubts.

One day, when she was crying, we were trying to console her. While strolling, passed next to a closet and she stopped crying for a while. It was the same closet where her dresses were kept.

We didn't think it was linked to closet but again same thing happened other day. Its been happening since then.

Recently Saanvi did Spring collection shopping and added some new colorful clothes to her collection. These clothes were hanging in the closet. We took her near that closet and she was smiling, looking at them. She was stretching her hands to one of the colorful dress.

There is one more closet which has her grand mom's sarees. Whenever we take her near that closet, the reaction is different. She doesn't look like bothered about it.

Back then, initially when we came to know that it would be a baby girl, one of the things which made us excited was the limitless possibilities of getting the baby dressed up in so many different ways. There is nothing like getting the baby gals dressed up in cutest dresses.

Are baby girls more conscious about their dresses ?


  1. Yes ,baby girls more conscious about their Dresses. It's inheritated property for them :)-

  2. It is a new revelation.I had known that girls are fond of dresses.but not this early!It is great!!

  3. Krishnamurthy Sir,
    Thanks for your experienced view.

  4. Dressing, girls and mirrors are closely connected. My daughter runs to see herself in the mirror whenever there is a new dress put on or even a new type of bindi is put on her forehead!

  5. Ms.Hegde,
    That is so cute :)
    Absolutely right that love mirrors..