Sunday, November 28, 2010

Visits, Shopping & Thanksgiving !

Visits, Shopping & Thanksgiving !

That is how the week has been & Saanvi has been little busy doing rounds in the town !

Its more than 100 years old, more than 50 persons from here have won the Noble prize, its alumni has started world renowned tech companies - Google, Yahoo, Sun, Cisco, HP.

What could be this renowned place ?

Its Stanford University !

Stanford is around 20 minutes from our place and recently we visited Stanford. Saanvi roamed around the university campus. It is such a huge campus and flipping through the campus needs some time. After zipping through the campus, next Saanvi went to the adjacent Stanford Shopping Center.

The bright lights and colorful shops did delight Saanvi for a short time. There was already a Christmas tree set in the mall and the sparkling tree grabbed her attention. But soon sleep & evening took over.

Speaking of technology and creativity, there is nothing like Space technology and who is the pioneer in the space technology !

Its NASA !!

Other day, Saanvi visited the NASA Exploration Center.

NASA center provides opportunity to experience NASA missions & astronomy. The center has some pretty cool exhibits and has a big theater that beams educational videos on planets & other space related topics.

When we visited the NASA center, there was a video about Solar system. Saanvi watched it for few while with wide eyes from her stroller. Her attention diverted towards the exhibit which was in a special room whose walls were like the moon landing scene. There was a small rock in the room and it was from Moon.  We learnt that it was brought by Apollo crew.

After going through the Mars exhibits and replica of Space Station, Saanvi slipped into sleep.

Not far from NASA was another place which had become synonym with searching.

Its Google !

Google is no longer a noun, it has become a verb. Its hard to imagine somebody not using Google.

The campus is situated in the quite part of Mountain View. We roamed around in Google campus with Saanvi.

Then there was the shopping for Black Friday & Thanksgiving.

Overall it was a super week that was filled with visits to tech meccas and shopping malls.


Thanksgiving was celebrated by early European settlers to thank God for making them survive through the harsh winter when they arrived to the new found land (America). Over the years celebration has become widespread in US.

Celebration of Thanksgiving is often associated with the traditional Turkey & these days with heavy shopping. More than anything, it is a nice opportunity to offer thanks to everybody who has been with us, who has supported us and who inspire us.

Saanvi(& dad-mom) would like to thank everybody who are providing the constant love, support and blessings.


  1. I thank you for taking us around for a sightseeing trip with muddu SANVI.kindly visit my would like my latest posting.Regards.

  2. Woww Saanvi is already going places.. nice!! Hope you all had a good thanksgiving:)

  3. sanvi's day out !!! its beautiful .nice information.thanks for that.visit my blog for the forest memories!!! you may like it. thank you.

  4. Krishnamurthy Sir,
    Thanks for the comments. Its our pleasure.

  5. Roopa,
    Thanks ri. Hope u had a good thanksgiving as well.

  6. hey dats google campus right. outsiders are alowed to visit in is it ??
    cute baby & nicely writen :)