Sunday, October 28, 2012

First day of school !

Her mom was getting Saanvi ready.

Saanvi:  Where am I going ?
Mom:  You are going to the playhome school that we saw other day.
Saanvi (as expected) : Why?
Mom: To play in the slide & swing. Also there are lots of friends & teacher.

In no time, Saanvi was ready in her bright pink dress. The little green school bag that mainly had snacks box and water bottle was on her.

We took her to the school.

We didn't know how she would react when its time to go inside the school. Is she going to cry and insist she won't go? In any case, we thought we will hang around the school.

So we took her to the playhome and left her at the class room where there were already 2 other kids. She sat with them and the teacher brought some colorful cups to stack upon. We stayed there some more time and Saanvi started looking comfortable.

We took courage and left her with the teacher. We came out of school and then waited for some more time outside. There was no noise. Finally,we came back to home.

We knew she needs to be in school for 2 & half hours. But it felt like time was running very slow. We were wondering if she started crying after we came. We again came to school after one hour and the maid in school informed that Saanvi is doing fine.

Finally after 2 & half hours, it was time for Saanvi to come out of school.

There she was..

Our little girl with bag on her back. She was walking towards the school gate, holding hand of her teacher. She looked little excited, little puzzled, little happy & little tensed. As soon as she saw us, her eyes lit up. She rushed to the gate and hugged us.

We were very eager to hear how did it go. Teacher & maid was full of praise for Saanvi that she didn't cry at all and it was good to see the kid to be like that on first day. Looks like she had a good time in school with singing rhymes, playing & seeing new friends.

Teacher also told she has given a 'star' to Saanvi as she was absolutely good on first day.

While returning back, Saanvi was very happy & proud about the star. She said teacher gave the star & kept showing it.

What a way to end the first day in school by taking a star back home !

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