Monday, August 5, 2013

Its 3 lovely years !

My sweet little gal,

There is so much to say about you. Where do I start with ?

Let me start with the most obvious..

You are beautiful
I'm glad that you took this part from you mommy not from papa :)
You don't believe how many people complimented you
People whom we don't even know have said you are gorgeous
They used to say you have a lovely pair of eyelashes !

From beauty, lets move on to something close to heart

You are kind
Kindness is the way you treat others
You are kind and care for them

You are smart
You know how to get the things done

You are elegant
Its how you do things and how gracefully you do

You are naughty
You do small little mischievous things sometimes

You are rebel... sometime
Its ok being different and its ok that you need not agree with what others think

Every time you smile
You bring joy to our hearts

Everywhere you go
You make that place beautiful

Your momy & papa have also grown with you
You have taught us so many things
In every little thing you do
We are discovering happiness

Your happy face, Your well being..
We have learnt its worth anything & everything

When you were born, I had said you are our bundle of joy
How true it was !

Each day, each year you are bringing nothing but joy
Every year you are blossoming into a lovely person

On the occasion of your 3rd birthday, Momy & Papa wishes you a very very very happy birthday !

A new world, a new year is waiting for you

Have loads of fun.

You are awesome