Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vaccination time

Nobody likes these injections...

Aren't they like the necessary evils.

2 on left thigh and 1 on right thigh, total of 3 injections. Followed by one dose orally.
Saanvi got her first round of vaccinations.

She had never cried like that before. We returned home with little band aid stickers on the Saanvi's thighs where the needles pricked.

She was restless. It took lots of time to console her.

It was very saddening to see the little baby cry in pain..

I was wondering why its not possible to give all the vaccines through mouth..

Looks like it hurt when Saanvi moved during sleep & she cried more..

Wish there was a way for parents to take the required vaccines and pass it on to the babies through some means..

Its been few days since vaccination and Saanvi is fully back in action !


  1. 'Saanvi is fully back in action!'the true sensitive parenthood! hats off

  2. "Wish there was a way for parents to take the required vaccines and pass it on to the babies through some means.." yes..I also felt like this many a time when our child is hurt...that's the concern - parents shows to kids. Nice to know Saanvi is back in action.

    best wishes

  3. Prabha,
    Thanks for visiting the blog and for your lovely comment.

  4. Ananth Sir,
    I think that is the concern every parent has when they see their child in pain..

    Thanks you for the kind words.

  5. Tarun,
    Thanks for visiting the blog.
    yep ! she is back in action

  6. That moment is painful for a baby as well as the parent..especially to mom...:)yes..But vaccination is must for every child.