Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Magical Days !

After driving for last 6 hours, body was begging to be rested.

Slipped into the bed & into sleep in no time. It was not long before I was woken up and saw she was wide awake.

Looked at the clock and it was 3:30 AM !!

I asked why she was awake ? She said 'Looking if Sun is out, Can't wait to go into Disneyland !'

With great difficulty tried to put her back to sleep.

How time flied ...

The little baby girl whom we called Saanvi in my palms looking around didn't sound so far away. It was just 4 years ago..

She brought in the joy and totally changed the way we viewed the world. As mom & dad, how our world changed. How we started viewing everything through the prism of her light...

Life's priorities & goals started centering around her.

From speaking few broken words to speaking non-stop on many topics, she grew tremendously in these 4 years..Talk about speaking about Dinosaurs, Space, Plants, Butterflies, Monsters, Moon, Planets, Cartoons...

In fact the idea of going to Disneyland for Birthday came from her.

Never seen her wait for anything as much as for this trip. Many of the mornings she used to wake up asking if it was August yet !

So no wonder the excitement reached pinacle , thus waking up several hours before sun himself on the first day of Disneyland visit !

Our previous visits to Disneyland were before she had arrived. Even as grown-ups, we remember the first time we entered into that magic kingdom with awe-filled eyes and got goosebumps when we met Mickey & his friends. Even as adults we felt that child-like wonder in our hearts.

This time it was different and like all things in life, it was an occasion to see Disneyland through a child's eyes.

The Sleeping Castle & those incredible rides started the Disney experience in a bright way.

Within Disneyland, we had a special surprise for her !

The fairy god-mothers-in-training in Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique transformed her into a real princess with a princess gown, makeup, hair, shoes & even had a carriage for some time !

How delightfully she enjoyed every moment she was the princess.

If getting transformed into princess was not enough, she also met other princess friends - Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella..

Every where she roamed in Disneyland, all the Disneyland people bowed her and called her princess for whole day !

Royal treatment indeed !

Meeting the Mickey Mouse & topping the day with the awesome fireworks sitting on papa's shoulder was phenomenal.

Next day was even better..

Her most favorite show - Mickey Mouse Club House had a live stage show. Happiness on her face seeing whole Mickey, Donal, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto,Sophie, Doc McSuffins, Jake & Neverland Pirates was incredible.

But nothing was as sweet as meeting her favorite Minnie Mouse. She simply looved meeting Minnie !

Most of the rides were fun but she didn't like couple of them. As soon as she came out of those little scary rides, she wanted to build a happy-funny-not-scary ride for her dolls.

She simply savored the World of Color show where water & light create magic..

But the best was yet to come..

Next day started with she wearing the special Disneyland 'Birthday' badge and first thing she met in morning was Goofy & Minnie again ! Both of them wished her & hugged her.

She got birthday wishes all around in Disneyland. Thanks to the 'Birthday' badge.

We had one more surprise up our sleeves..

Lunch was in a special place - Goofy's Kitchen !

Goofy, Pluto, Jennie, Jasmin, Aurora, Bear & Chip-n-dale came to her table to say hello and wish her birthday wishes ! Goofy's kitchen also had a cake for her birthday. With Goofy's Kitchen singing birthday song, she cut the cake..

Rides in monorail, boat, ship, old train, parade & more rides..The fun continued.

It couldn't have been better !

But the best memory for us was outside. After the tiring days in the magic kingdom , she used to slip into sleep exhausted. In her sleep, we used to see the cute smiles and pretty laughs on her face..

It was simply magical & beautiful to look..

Hope she will remember all the beautiful & magical memories forever.

On turning 4, Wishing Saanvi that the tomorrows will bring more smiles & more magic !

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