Friday, December 6, 2013

Question time !

These days Saanvi has curiosity for everything around and everything she sees or hears. She has questions on every thing and wants to knows every thing.

Other day she asked 'Why do we have eye brows?'

We know its there to protect eyes in some way but wanted to accurate and simple. So did some searching and got information that it was to protect eye from sweat flowing down from fore head.

In simple terms, eye brows are like rainbows on which the sweat, water drops can slide and stay away from eyes.

During bed time story time, she was looking at the planets and stars pictures on the wall of room and out came another question 'Why does planet go around the Sun?'

Got some authentic information about this from Nasa.
In simple terms , Sun pulls planets towards it but planets are moving sideways on their own thus creating the rotation of planets around Sun.

But the difficult one came recently
'Why can't Santa use Penguins to fly? Why only Rein deers?'

Still scratching our heads looking for some answers on this one :)

Its Question time !

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